11th February 2022 - Members and Trustees of Milton Keynes Education Trust are delighted to share that Willen Primary School have circulated a proposal to convert to an Academy and to join MKET.


1st February 2021 - Milton Keynes Education Trust and the Local Governing Body of Kents Hill school have circulated a consultation document proposing the addition of Years 3 to Year 6 at Kents Hill School.

Kents Hill School consultation

9th December 2020 - The Milton Keynes Education Trust Annual General Meeting confirmed a number of Board changes since the last meeting:

It was noted that Marilyn Moffat had resigned as a Member and Renu Elston had resigned as a Trustee.

The Board were pleased to confirm that the Members had appointed as Trustees Asif Ayser , the new Chair of Walton High, and Robert Duff , who had previously been a Chair of Walton High and of Milton Keynes Education Trust.