Aims and Values

Aims, Values and Ethos

Milton Keynes Education Trust’s Statement of Aims

MKET is committed to securing social justice by providing its pupils with an exceptional education that promotes inclusion and embraces diversity. In this way the Trust will contribute to improving the life chances and life experiences of children at its schools.

We will realise our aims and secure sustainable school improvement through high quality transformational leadership, professional development and collaborative partnerships.

Our Mission and Purpose

The Trust’s mission and purpose is to create a local partnership of schools that work together to enhance and enrich the lives of children and young people by enabling them to make the most of outstanding learning opportunities within and beyond the curriculum; instilling an appreciation that there are no limits to what they can achieve and developing the attributes needed to successfully shape and respond to the future.

In this way we will bring out the very best in our children and young people.

Our Values

Our values are based on the secular principles of honesty, integrity, equality, tolerance and respect as well as an appreciation of individual and collective responsibility. These values underpin all the Trust’s work.

MKET schools will not discriminate on the grounds of ability, disability, faith, aptitude, social background or sex.

We believe the children, young people and staff at all the schools within the Trust are of equal value and importance and as such will have equal access to high quality learning and professional development. Where barriers exist, measures will be taken to remove these to enable everyone to have equality of opportunity.

The curriculum will value equally, in an age appropriate way, the teaching of knowledge and skills across all disciplines as well as the development of the personal attributes needed to contribute to and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The achievements of all children, young people and staff will be recognised, valued and celebrated equally.

As reflected in MKET’s aims, our work is motivated by the commitment to securing social justice which shapes and guides every aspect of the Trust’s work.

Our Ethos

The Milton Keynes Education Trust’s educational ethos is reflected in the following quotation:

"Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire."       William B Yeats

The Academies and Free Schools within Milton Keynes Education Trust will all share the same ethos of inspiring a love of learning for learning’s sake and will promote the belief that there is no limit to what our children and young people can achieve given the opportunity and support.