Duke of Edinburgh Award Manager


mrcobbdofeBefore becoming a Geography teacher, Mr Cobb was a Chief Instructor at an outdoor education centre in Yorkshire with six years' experience of delivering and overseeing outdoor activities. He holds national governing body awards in climbing, walking and paddling. Mr Cobb is a keen hillwalker and cyclist. When not leading DofE expeditions, he enjoys heading of on camping trips of his own.



The importance of OAA for the development of children and young people

deAt MKET we believe that Outdoor Adventurous Activities enable young people to learn how to respond positively to challenge and responsibility, to manage risk and to cope with adversity by utilising the skills of experiment, feedback, reflection and review. But most of all we believe learning should be stimulating and fun. By taking children and young people out of the classroom and engaging them in adventurous activities we hope to inspire and motivate them whilst they achieve and learn in an exciting environment.

Personal Development gains include:

Increased confidence and self-esteem, enhanced coping strategies and decision making skills, significant mental and physical health benefits and the stimulus for future health development.

Wider social benefits of Outdoor Learning:

The shared experience of heightened anxiety and stressful (well managed) situations can improve communication skills by focusing a young person’s attention and provoking an appropriate emphatic response. These experiences lead to a greater respect of the needs of others and improved team-working skills. Those same enhanced interpersonal relationships and improved socialisation skills then benefit families, schools and society as a whole.