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For children and young people to do their best it is important to identify and remove any barriers that might prevent them from achieving their potential.

Milton Keynes Education Trust provides a range of high quality services that schools can draw upon to enable students to achieve their potential.

Further details on the different MKET services can be found using the links below:

To enable school leaders and teachers to focus on the continuous improvement of learning teaching and the achievements of children and young people MKET’s academies benefit from the following support services:

High Quality Support Services

This is what you can expect from MKET Services:

  • A courteous and professional service at all times, that places the needs of your academy and your children and young people at its heart
  • A service that supports all academies and children, regardless of size, geography or potential disadvantage
  • An open and transparent service that clearly details what is provided, through our website
  • A direct line to those officers with whom you need to speak
  • A response to telephone messages and emails by the end of the next working day
  • Where a next working day response is not possible, out of office response messages will clearly indicate when you can expect a response, or who to contact if you need a more urgent response
  • Where your query will take more than the next working day to resolve, you will receive a clear indication as to how this is being dealt with and the likely timeframes involved
  • Where your query requires the support of more than one officer, we will always identify a lead officer to be your main point of contact
  • We endeavour to avoid unnecessary communications – we will aim to be clear and concise in the responses we provide
  • If you visit our office, you will be assured of an inviting environment and a warm welcome
  • A service that will seek your views about how it can improve further – we can always get better
  • Discretion and appropriate levels of confidentiality when dealing with sensitive issues and transferring information
  • An in-depth knowledge of trust-wide policies that will support you in different circumstances
  • Where your request does not fall within the limits of our service, we will always look to signpost you in the direction of other partner providers
  • Staff who are keen to go ‘beyond expectations’ to provide you and your academies with the very best service you deserve