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Carl Beaney – Student and Family Support Advisor

Carl Beaney holds the position of Student and Family Support Advisor at Walton High –

The role of Student and Family Support Advisor is to help young people throughout their time at Walton High, from year 7 through to year 13. The focus of the work is to help students overcome the barriers to their learning, whether school-related, home-related or more personal issues. This work can also help to increase self-awareness and contribute to higher aspirations.

Much of the work of the Student and Family Support Advisor involves one-to one sessions with students where impartial information, advice, guidance and support is provided, using a range of interventions and skills. This can be exploratory or more focussed, depending on the issues faced and needs of the individual. Confidentiality* is offered as part of this service but there is the opportunity for the involvement of parents/carers where appropriate as sometimes this can be beneficial to the individual student or even the family as a whole.

*Students are informed that where concerns are raised in their work with the Student and Family Support Advisor, the agreement of confidentiality is no longer valid and information can be shared to ensure their safety and well-being and that of the individuals they have spoken of.

To ensure the most relevant and effective support is offered and provided, the Student and Family Support Advisor also works with other agencies and professionals when required. For example, this may be through attending Family Support Meetings or if more specialist intervention is required, the Student and Family Support Advisor can also sign-post students or parents/carers to other services or refer directly to the specialist services if required.

Young people’s services that currently operate in Milton Keynes include –



Prior to being appointed as Walton High’s Student and Family Support Adviser, Carl Beaney worked for the Milton Keynes Connexions Service within the School-based Intensive Support Team providing a similar service for young people aged 13-19.
He has worked with children, young people and their parents for over 10 years in a number of supportive and educational roles. These include –

  • As mentioned above, working with the Connexions School-based Intensive Support Team
  • Supporting children, young people and their families to develop sustainable activities and services in an area of recognised deprivation.
  • Working peripatetically with 4-9 year old children as a Social and Emotional Development (SED) Officer within a social inclusion project covering nineteen lower schools across Bedfordshire.
  • Providing counselling and/or play therapy to children aged 6-14 and their parents within a counselling agency
  • Providing counselling to young people aged 13-19 for the Youth Information Service

His work has included both one-to-one and small group work with children and young people focussing on a wide range of issues (e.g. time management, organisational skills, depression, stress, anxiety etc.). As well as using his experience in counselling and advice work to support children and young people, he has also been involved in the design and delivery of courses to address specific needs identified (e.g. the development of social skills, self-esteem work, anger management etc.).

In addition to his work with children and young people, Carl has also worked with parents and carers in a number of different ways too. He has provided one-to-one counselling within an agency setting, supported parents and carers in Parenting Groups, attended Family Support Meetings and Family Group Conferences and he also welcomes the involvement of parents/carers, where appropriate, in his work with children and young people.

As well as having qualifications for working with and advising young people, Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Carl also continues his professional development by attending courses and workshops that are relevant to his role.