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Lori A. Ferguson- Principal Educational Psychologist

Lori A. Ferguson works across the schools within MKET – New Chapter, Heronsgate, Kents Hill and Walton High, working with Headteachers, SENCos, Support Staff, and other outside agencies.   The MKET Educational Psychology Service is intended to help teachers and support staff to understand and plan for children’s needs. 

The Educational Psychologist provides a range of services to assist students with their learning, growth and development which helps students to meet academic and emotional challenges.  She is responsible for tailoring the service to the needs of each child and each situation. 

This includes:

•     Administering individual educational and psychological assessments across the full age range of the schools from Foundation to Year 13. 

•     One to one sessions with students for behaviour and academic support

•     Group work, supporting children’s emotional, behaviour and academic difficulties

•     Classroom observations of student behaviour/attitude

•     Working closely with a range of MKET staff to identify students who may need support

•     Supporting teachers

•     Identifying those students who need an EHCP including exam concessions

•     Providing support to parents of those children experiencing difficulties in School

•     Working closely with multi-agency professionals and the Local Education Authority.

As part of the Learning Support Team, Lori A Ferguson works closely in conjunction with others in the delivery of services to address the educational, emotional and social needs of students and families.  The primary intent of the provision of the MKET Educational Psychologist Service is to promote mental wellness and facilitate learning for its students.  The aim is to increase the student’s ability to overcome academic, personal and social problems that could hinder their attainment of educational success and a satisfying and productive life.


Lori A. Ferguson has over 30 years of experience as an Educational Psychologist.  Her varied experience includes working for the New York City Board of Education, the NHS, the NAGC, a Secure training Centre for Youth Offenders and schools both in the state and independent sectors across the UK.  She is also an Expert Witness for Court.