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Prior to being appointed as Walton High’s Career’s Adviser, Matthew Mason worked for different organisations in the careers, education, training and employment sector as well as the social care sector, both as a Practitioner and Service Manager over a period of nearly 20 years.  This has included the following roles:

  • Careers Adviser for a careers company, delivering Information, Advice and Guidance to both young people and adults in community services.     
  • Personal Adviser with the young people’s Connexions Service (seconded to a Youth Offending Team) delivering structured interventions to vulnerable young people involved in criminal activity.    
  • Recovery Worker for Substance Misuse Services in Buckinghamshire, managing a caseload of recovering substance misusers, delivering brief solution focused therapy, structured cognitive behavioural therapy group recovery programmes and one to one interventions, in community rehabilitation services. 
  • Service Manager for substance misuse Recovery Services in Milton Keynes, with responsibility for managing all service delivery and contracts.

As well as being trained in Careers Advice and Guidance, Matthew is also trained in the delivery of structured Cognitive Behavioural treatment programmes, ‘12 step’ abstinence recovery programmes, brief solution focused therapy, and the counselling model Motivational Interviewing.  His experience is a mix of both working directly with clients as a Practitioner and of working with staff teams as a Service Manager.

Careers Programme

The role of Careers Advisor is to help young people obtain the information they need to make well informed realistic decisions about their futures in particular relation to individual career planning.  This is achieved through the delivery of impartial one to one Information, Advice and Guidance interviews, as well as the delivery of structured Careers Programmes as part of the school timetable.

The Careers Programmes are tailored for and delivered to the different year groups with the following objectives:

  • To enable students to understand the importance of Careers Education. 
  • To ensure students develop an understanding of the concept of Careers Exploration and start to understand different job groups and career pathways, and to be open minded.     
  • To develop students’ self- efficacy, aspirations, and to encourage them to start to take responsibility for Careers Planning, to be motivated and to develop good research skills. 
  • To encourage self- reflection.   
  • To understand the diverse range of opportunities and pathways available to them.    
  • To develop good decision making skills so as to be able to exploit the opportunities available to them.
  • To develop an understanding of the labour market, and what skills, abilities and qualifications employers are demanding.  
  • To understand the recruitment process and gain the skills and knowledge to be able to compete in the future labour market, ie research skills, CV writing, interview skills, psychometric testing, assessment centres etc.      
  • To ensure students are introduced to and interact with a diverse range of different employers, training providers, colleges and Universities.   

All Careers education at Walton High is Ofsted and Gatsby Report (2015) compliant.

Useful Careers and Education, Training/ Employment resources include the following:

Career Soft including Job Explorer Data base (JED):

National Careers Service:

National Apprenticeship Service:

The Big Choice: