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The Trust will make it possible for everyone to benefit from the outstanding learning opportunities provided both within and beyond the usual school day. It will do this by ensuring the curriculum is engaging and accessible and by making personalised learning a reality. Barriers to learning and participation will be identified and removed through targeted interventions and by working in partnership with parents and external specialist agencies as necessary.

Milton Keynes Education Trust provides a range of high quality services that schools can draw upon to enable students to achieve their potential.

Further details on the different MKET services can be found using the links below:

By providing children and young people with a first class education that not only enables them to succeed academically but also develops their self-confidence and self-esteem, the Trust will help empower them to successfully shape and respond to the future.

MKET also provides support to enable its teachers to achieve their potential and schools to excel.

Further details can be found below:


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit."       Aristotle

Achieving excellence in all aspects of our work at all times is a central tenet of the Trust.

The Trust is continuously looking at ways of enhancing both the quality of the educational experience for children and young people and their academic and personal achievements. The main way in which this will be achieved is through outstanding teaching and learning which is facilitated by excellent strategic leadership and highly effective day-to-day management. This takes place in a culture of high expectations and mutual accountability.

High quality professional development for teaching and support staff plays an essential role in building the capacity needed to secure continuous improvement and therefore enhanced provision. Consequently the Trust supports a wide range of activities to ensure staff remain highly skilled and keep up to date with the latest developments in their area of work.


To bring out the very best in all our children and young people the Trust will provide an engaging holistic education with a wide range of opportunities designed to enrich their lives. Children and young people will be expected to explore interests outside the usual school curriculum. With the Trust’s and Milton Keynes’ facilities to call upon, as well as the expertise and enthusiasm of our staff and members of the wider community, we will introduce pupils to an exciting range of activities. Indoor and outdoor, practical and creative, adventurous and reflective, mentally and physically challenging, there will be a rich variety of activities to participate in and enjoy.